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Introduction to Cross Product Calculator

Cross product calculator is an online tool for calculating cross product of two vectors. Finding cross product requires technicalities and expertise regarding formula and vectors. Vector cross product calculator makes it easy for a user to compute results online with few click.

Formula used by Cross Product Calculator

Vector cross product calculator uses the cross product calculator for calculating cross product equation. The cross product formula represents the initial vectors a & b along with the quantity. The Ɵ in the cross product formula represent the angle while n highlights wheather a & b are perpendicular to unit vectors.

The cross product formula used by vector multiplication calculator is as below:

c = a × b = |a| × |b| × sinθ × n

This formula helps the vector cross product calculator to multiply vectors and cross product equation instantly.

How to do Cross Product?

There are 2 ways through which you can calculate cross product equation. The first way is to use an vector cross product calculator to solve cross product equation digitally. The second way is to calculate the cross product of two vectors a and b by doing manual calculations.

For calculating cross product of two vectors a and b you'll need to know about the trajectory and the dimensions of x, y & z. The right hand rule is also important while calculating cross product equations as it helps to predict the resultant object.

If you have all the concepts clear, you can calculate cross product equations but manual calculations always have a possibility of an unwanted error.

How to find Cross Product Calculator?

Vector cross product calculator is an online tool which you can find easily on Google. There are a lot of other websites and portals who have made vector multiplication calculator but you'll need to find out the best one.

Our cross multiply calculator is unique and it provides accurate results quickly. This vector multiplication calculator is among the best from which you can find cross product of a and b.

How to use Cross Product Calculator?

Our cross vector calculator is very simple to use. You just need to follow below steps to calculate cross product equation using cross product calculator with steps. These steps are:

Step #1: Enter your values in Vector A.

Step #2: Enter your values in Vector B.

Step #3: Click on "CALCULATE" button.

Instantly the cross multiply calculator shows you the results. You can check at the step by step answer from there also.

I hope you liked this cross vector multiplication calculator and its article. Please send us your feedback so that we could improve further.

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Last updated May 10, 2021

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